Topillos - Topologically Designed Soft Decorative Cushions

The Topillos (HAND MADE TOPOLOGICAL PILLOWS OR CUSHIONS) are ONE OF A KIND SCULPTURAL PIECES derived from the cellular shape that results when two circular discs are matched and joined. The idea, originating in the 1970's while doodling at a restaurant called the Circle, became the source of a huge range of SCULPTURE and contributed in large part to the development of a personal structural philosophy. Two distinct types are called "Anolatabulata" and "Con(jug)ate. In the case of the Anolatabulata each basic disc is cut as a yin yang subdivision; for the Con(jugate) the basic subdivision is an annulus. Various sets of both types continue to be exhibited nationally and internationally in both solo and group exhibitions. The sculptural forms, usually single inflated vinyl forms, are of a moderately large size thus occupying a good deal of space. Relatively recently it occurred to me that as individual shapes in a smaller size AND MADE OF FABRIC many of them would work very well as DECORATIVE elements for LIVING SPACES. My friends and family have found that they work well on COUCHES on the floor or on BEDS. It is also possible that larger shapes made of waterproof fabric would work well as enhancements to OUTDOOR DECKS.

Dimensions: Even though in many cases the originating shape is the same the dimensions vary according to the construction plan. In general for those illustrated the longest dimension is less than 30" while the fattest is less than 15."

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