Tree Branch Bud Vase - Handcarved In Brown Stoneware, Glazed Inside And Out

This 9 3/4" high bud ceramic vase is perfect for city dwellers with small spaces. With just one or two flower stems and a bit of green, you have a beautiful arrangement that is so wonderfully woodsy and natural. It can be arranged with a wildflower, a graceful stem such as the springtime bleeding heart, a statuesque gladiola, or whatever color, flower or foliage you enjoy at any one moment and is available in your corner market or garden.
I handbuilt the tree branch and carved and embossed it out of my outdoor brown stoneware clay. After bisque firing, I applied three coats of a glaze that brings out all the natural branch texture and fired to 2243 degrees for durabilty and leakproofness. It is glazed on the inside and outside. It is also weighted on the bottom during construction in order to stay upright with longer flower and branch stems.....a problem I have with a glass vase I own. And I think it looks wonderful without flowers as well.
Flowers add color and joy and with a vase like this one, even when the garden isn't abundant, I'm able to find at least one or two in the fields, meadows or woods that keep the outdoors inside no matter the season.

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