Tv Stand For 50" Flat Screen Tv

My Lovely Bride said we had to somehow make the rats-nest of wires and cables connecting all the TV components disappear. And we needed a TV stand. So I decided to build one from stuff I had been saving for years for "that special project."

Since we live in a redwood and oak forest, how about a redwood and oak TV stand? I had some 60-year-old recycled redwood wall boards that needed to be run through the planer on both sides to remove the old paint, and some oak trimmings from other jobs, so that's how it began.

The sub-woofer sits on its own solid shelf and is open all around for good sound transmission. The DVD player, cable box and Roku (for movie/program streaming) sit on the shelf and the back of the shelf has a false wall with cable cutouts at the bottom. That piece is not attached to the cabinet, allowing for modification for later additions or changes of components and their cables. The compartment behind that false wall houses all of the cabling and routes only the TV Co-ax and the power cord to go to the wall outlet down through one of the legs. The speaker wires are routed through small holes in the top that come through underneath the speakers. Remember, not wires showing!

Inside the bottoms of the legs are casters whose wheels protrude only 1/4" below the legs. So the wheels are practically invisible, but the cabinet is easy to move about.

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