Tv Stand/Coffee Table

I present my greatest "rescued from the woodpile" salvaged piece to date.
Where I live and the proximity to some great Timber framers, from time to time I get asked to help out with a barn restore or tear-down. This particular barn had collapsed few years back during a heavy snow accumulation year. Most of the barn was in pretty bad shape but some was salvaged. I was able (with some persuasion) to procure a 8" x 10" x 5' section with-out knowing for sure what type wood it was (we had done some tests and most of the beams where Chestnut but this section had different properties). Took it to the sawyer and after the first cut we knew what I had.
Quarter sawn 250 yo Elm. If any have worked on and smelled Elm they will know what I mean.

This piece just kind of transformed into a TV stand as I was building. First took the 2 center cuts to make a book-matched breadboard end top. I was going to make the base using rustic logs but once I finished the top and poured some oil on it, wow! what color and I knew I had to use the rest to make a complete piece out of all of the stock. I wanted to keep it clean lined, shaker style to keep with the age of the wood.

Table is 19" x 42" x 20"H and construction is mortise and tenon, tapered 2" thk legs. Hand-cut dove-tailed birds eye maple drawers (that I found at HD) with soft-close drawer slides (had to have some modern to it). Finish is 3 coats Danish oil, natural and 2 coats hand rubbed paste wax.
I included a close-up pic of the top to try and show the color but it just doesn't quite show the depth of it.

This piece is currently for sale and available for immediate shipping.

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