Ub Amps - Solo 15 Head And Matching Cab

Electric Guitar Amp. Matching head and cab from UB Amps.
This is the shell for a hand-wired, point-to-point electric guitar amplifier. This head/cab was is made of Baltic Birch ply, and painted with artisan oils.

UB Solo 15 specs:
• 2x EL84's
• 2x 12AX7's
• 1x 5Y3 Rectifier
• 1x Solid State Rectifier (this is live switching enabled)
• Volume, Tone and Cut controls

The Cab specs:
• 1x 12" Green Beret Warehouse Speaker
**This cab is an open/closed back convertible

To learn more about this rig, call 404-4UB-AMPS

Dimensions: Head cab 13.5" x 8" x 7.75" Speaker cab 20.5" x 16" x 12"

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