Vermont Grange Raised From The Ashes

It was our great pleasure to work with Silas Towler and the Ferrisburgh Grange volunteers to reproduce the authentic reproductions of the original window sash and frames destroyed by fire. The result was a blend of old and new which could not be distinguished one from the other.
A new community hall and town offices were created from the ashes of this historic landmark.
Silas's crew found old maple sap buckets in the burnt attic and were most puzzled as they were filled with small stones. The clue to their use was discovered when they noted chard rope ends tied to their handles and holes bored down through the top plates to the story below. The giant sashes in the main hall had been counterbalanced by these buckets suspended from pulleys screwed into the rafters of the attic. This allowed them o be accessible to be fine tuned with more or less pebbles to make the heavy sash in the hall below float effortlessly up and down. I am never ceased to be amazed at the ingenuity of our forbearers.

Dimensions: Custom made to order

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