Vessel 111

My current body of work focuses on the abstraction of the human form and how it conveys a complex and layered language. I begin my process by defining a graphic silhouette that captures the body in motion. I then define the subtleties that reside in the transitions between bone and muscle, torso and limbs, line and mass. I extrude the articulated silhouette back into a three dimensional mass that can be pushed and pulled to exaggerate and communicate a sense of motion and weight.

The early works in this series, entitled "Skins", are wall dependent and emphasize the tension created as the figures seem to pull away from the vertical plane. Through the use of the traditional techniques of perspective drawing (such as forced perspective, line weight, and foreshortening) translated three dimensionally and in metal, I developed an abstract language that hides the obvious signifiers of the human form and allows the subconscious intentions of the figure to be revealed.

These intentions are further manifested by the cover plates that act as portals that reveal that these figures are, in fact, vessels. The portals are often adorned with additional industrial artifacts such as bolts, tubes, and screens that acknowledge the history of the materials and tie them to the industrial age.

As the figures have evolved they have completely pulled away from the wall and increased in scale to create a dynamic between the ground plane and the stance of the figures. The result is best seen when the forms are located within the public realm, where they mingle with others and begin the subtle conversations that only the subconscious can hear.

Dimensions: 108"H x 50"W x 36"D

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