"Vigilance" is about our world. Creating balance of the male and female in flight on the circle of life that is represented by the sun. On the summer solstice the sun will shine directly through the ring of the sun on the sculpture. It has been a humbling process getting the piece the way I envisioned; I am very pleased with the way the whole piece turned out. The piece has a smooth 360 degree rotation; even a stiff breeze turns the piece slowly. I was able to find a balancing point for this 800 pound revelation! Once placed on a small foundation "Vigilance" will have points where it can be pinned in place where the sun will rise or set directly in the middle of the circle for solstice, anniversaries, birthdays, etcetera to signify and connect our relationships with natural laws.
We are all vigilant, protective and passionate about aspects of our lives, our families, one another and a healthy world. Nothing seems to symbolize "Vigilance" more than a pair of indigenous Red Tailed Hawks protecting their nest. Even the Red Tailed Hawks scientific name translates to "being of this place". The images of all the continents on the earth are sculpted on the nest egg signifying the powerful symbiotic relationship nature and our world create.

Dimensions: 11.5' H X 64" W X 24" D X

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