Vintage Clothing Store Dressing Room Wall

This is one of four panels that will serve as partition walls for dressing rooms at Oakland's Pretty Penny vintage clothing store.

I made them from reclaimed Redwood fence boards and reclaimed Douglas Fir framing. There are 25 pieces of Redwood per frame and three frames per panel. Including the frames, there are 82 pieces per panel, four panels in total for a total of 328 pieces of wood! Each of these pieces of wood was cut in some way by a machine at least three times. That's just about 1,000 cuts, slots, miters and chops!

I grooved the frames so that the infill panels snugly "float" inside them allowing gentle expansion and contraction with the seasons.

Once installed there will be reclaimed benches and coat racks connecting the 4.5' distance between panels. More pictures to come!

Dimensions: Partition: Overall: 7.6' x6'
Panel: 6'x6'

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