Wall Glass Panels "Energy Of The Elements"

This gorgeous artwork reminds about the power of 4 elements: Flame, Water, Air and Earth. Red-yellow-orange colors represent the power of Flames; Blue colors remind the power of Water; gray colors are the colors of the soil on the Earth. And all these elements are moving with the stream of the air.
This is a composition of 3 fused glass panels arranged vertically. Two narrow pieces surround the central wide piece. All of them is a combination of asymmetrical colorful chevrons. This energetic combination will decorate any room.

All glass panels are attached to the white base panel with standoffs at the top and the bottom. The base panel can be easily hanged on a wall.

Total dimensions: 15" x 24" (37.5 x 60 cm)
Glass panels dimensions: 3.2" x 21", 6.375" x 21", 3.2" x 21"

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