Walnut Extending Dining Table

Built to accommodate the ever-changing needs of family life, this delicately designed table extends in two stages from 72" long to 101.5", using two self-storing leaves that hide inside the table when not in use.

It's overall aesthetic is quite contemporary, with its gently curved apron and the double outward taper of the legs. Traditional joinery at each corner adds further sophistication to an otherwise minimal look, and also helps stiffen the table against repetitive opening and closing.

It employs 'equalizer' slides, so that only one end need be pulled to open the other, and each leaf is braced underneath with steel against warping over time.

The choice of Black Walnut for this example adds to its premium look, and I can of course create this table in any native hardwood, and finish to any preferred style. I use sustainable products as standard, and always try to offer the wood species that best fits your aesthetic, rather than altering the wood itself with chemical finishes. I can build this table to any width, and any desired closed vs open length. Standard dining table height is 30".

This six foot example can seat from six to ten people comfortably, though the design can be adapted to seat up to sixteen.

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