Walnut Music Stand

Khechoyan built this hand-carved music-stand for a doctor client, in part by recycling the solid-walnut top of a coffee table retired by the client. The table top was used for the sheet-music support and the base of the stand. New walnut having a matching color was selected for other parts. A through relief carving decorates the 17 in. high by 24 in. wide sheet-music support, and a caduceus decorates the central part of the stand. The walnut is finished with a first coat of sanding sealer, three coats of clear satin-lacquer, and a wax top-coat. The hardware parts for raising and lowering the sheet-music support were designed by Khechoyan and custom made. Overall height with the sheet music support lowered is 55 in.

Dimensions: 67" x 24" Walnut,Purple Heart,Maple,Brass,Gold Leaf

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