Dragon Hatchlings Suitable For Cosplay Or Display

These are pictures of the three new dragon kits from RavendarkCreations. They are 1:1 scale and are designed to be worn as part of a costume for a renaissance faire or cosplay. They would also look great on display in your home or office.

Hatchling 1 is designed to ride on someone's shoulder and has the sternest expression of the three. He is also the most muscled and has a heavier body than his two siblings

Hatchling 2 is designed to perch on your hand like a hawk or falcon. His pose has the largest wingspan of the three.

Hatchling 3 has a mischievous expression and is designed to attach to a person's leg, upper arm or back. His pose is the best if you want a dragon just for display because he sits flat and doesn't need a special stand.

Each of these kits is cast in durable, high quality resin and comes fully assembled and primered in your choice of black, white or grey.

Although the $225 base price for one of these kits is for an upainted version, we do offer 3 levels of painting service and can customize any color scheme that you'd like. The pictures represent what our mid-level paintjob would look like. Send us a note if you'd like a custom order done for you :)

Thanks for looking,
Arend and Lara

Dimensions: The largest wingspan of the three is 21" and the nose to end of tail length is 21"

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