Wensleydale Scarf And Shawl Versatile Multi-Function Accessory

Versatile felted shawl "maxi-scarf", using all-natural, undyed silky bamboo and lustrous longfiber Wensleydale wool in its natural cream hue. This gently curved design drapes flatteringly over shoulders and around the body.

This ancient technique is known today as cobweb felt, in which fiber is laid out as thinly as possible to achieve light weight yet very strong cloth, translucent & very sheer in areas and lacy with random openings.

This cloth evokes romantic antiquity, subtle yet dramatic in its purity and ethereal elegance, and is a useful accessory to treasure forever as an heirloom and hand down to children.

Wear this various ways, either draped freely or wrapped around close around your shoulders, bunched around the neck, looped or tied, or pinned as a stole. I usually wear mine over a dress or top, or just wrapped around my shoulders against bare skin, instead of close around my neck, since Wensleydale is long-fiber wool. (If you're wool-allergic, I suggest either wearing this over clothing or going with one of my nuno-shawls.)

COLOR: Undyed natural offwhite. Dyed colors are available by request.

SIZE: 12" wide x 100" long (long enough to wrap twice around the body as a shawl) - OR - You can request this as a standard shawl size "maxi-scarf/shawl" measuring approx. 20" wide x 70/72" long

Dimensions: 12" wide x 100" versatile extra-long multi-function wrap
or 20" wide x 72" standard shawl size

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