Western Cinch Belt

Cinch Belt, Billy Joe Shaver Model
Cinch Ring belt is $120.00
Sterling Silver plated Futurity Snaffle Bit buckle is pictured only for show not available unless you have one to send in
Take off on the Western Saddle Cinch. This is my favorite belt. I wear it everyday. Modeled after the one I saw on my favorite Country singer. From his website. Shaver is truly one of the most respected living figures in American music. Bob Dylan, who rarely covers other writers, has often played Billy Joe's "Old Five And Dimers Like Me" in concert. Johnny Cash called him "my favorite songwriter.
The belt is Herman Oak leather with a light brown finish, sealed roughout side. 1 1/2 inch wide with a 2 1/2 inch solid steel plated ring that used on Western saddles for cinching down. Heavy duty copper rivets hold the ring to the belt are no longer used. I use nickel plated Chicago screws instead. This way you can remove the Ring and replace the leather or Ring.. Leather keeper "keeps" the belt cinched tight. . Due to the nature of the way you "Cinch" it tight the roughout side shows on the bight end. Beautiful, classic styling and heavy duty. One size fits 38 waist on down. You can tell me your waist size in the order or just cut it where you'd like. If this sounds complicated, its not. Its actually a very tried and trued simply design. That's why its been on Western Saddles for a very long time.

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