What Is This Madness - Limited Weighted Collapsible Travel Hula Hoop

What Is This Madness - LIMITED Weighted Collapsible Travel Hula Hoop - Tie Dye, yellow, blue, green, holographic, rainbow

I originally wanted to name this hoop "Acid Trip", but my husband was like, "Don't do that." For some reason he doesn't think referencing a hallucinogenic experience is a good way to name a playful hula hoop. To him I say, WHATEVER.

But seriously, What Is This Madness? It's got two of the coolest tapes I've ever gotten my hands on, and they are LIMITED, so who knows how long I'll be able to offer this hoop? It's got insanely amazing TIE DYE tape. Yes, you heard me correctly. Tie dye. It also has this crazy holographic spiro tape (which I can only describe as follows: Imagine that Spirograph toy you had as a kid, where you drew all the crazy circles? Now imagine if those circles turned into flashing rainbows that moved as you turned your head. Just pretend you're looking at Spirograph pictures while hallucinating vividly. There you go.)

Then add a bunch of garishly bright grip tape, and you've got yourself a hoop that only a mother could love. Are you this hoop's mother?

Feel free to request different colors for the grip tape (though the tie dye and spiro tapes will remain the same). I recommend partaking in some other intensely bright option, such as UV Pink or UV Orange, but you are the master of your own destiny and can choose accordingly.

This is a classic, beginner-sized adult hoop made of heavy, 3/4" tubing. It stands 43" tall, but can be adjusted to fit you. If you do not know what size you want, I recommend starting with this size as it fits most beginner hoopers.

Hoop collapses infinity style for ease of travel (as in last picture). You can take this hoop with you on a plane, or save space in your car! Do not store your hoop collapsed as it may warp.

If you are DFW local and are able to pick up your hoop in person, enter the coupon code PICKUP for free shipping!

Please note: Hoops are made to order and some might require ordering special materials, which could extend the ship time to 1-2 weeks.

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