Whimsical Painted Table, Pedestal Table, Painted Furniture, Alice In Wonderland Furniture

This design was inspired ENTIRELY by the incredible tassel trim I found. Shades of yellow, rust, green, black, white, metallic gold leaf. OMG so pretty!!

It's just a great shape and size for any room. A modern, functional piece of art that you will love for years to come! I'll order this table from an online store, and transform it to fit perfectly in your special space.

Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 25 inches

Just contact me with your ideas or questions.

Each piece is meticulously designed, primed, base coated, decoratively hand painted, sealed to a glossy sheen, signed and dated by me!! The artist. Creating custom, hand painted furniture and home decor since 2005.

Almost 2000 sales and a 5 star rating!

Painted by the order, so there is never a limit on quantity.

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