White Oak And Bird's Eye Maple Cabinet

This cabinet is made of quartersawn white oak, which gives the wood it's distinctive grain pattern, not found in the more common flatsawn boards. The sides and bottom are attached using half blind dovetails and the top is secured using tapered sliding dovetales. There are 2 shelves inside the cabinet. The bottom shelf is the full depth of the cabinet while the top shelf is a little over half the depth. They are held in place with through tenons. The choice of using through tenons was as much for decoration as it was for strength.
There are 2 small drawers under the bottom shelf and I used "kingwood" (South America) for the drawer fronts. My choice of kingwood which has a beautiful red/purple color with streaks of tan, brown, and black, was to create a bit of a surprise when the cabinet is opened.
The doors are frame and panel construction using bird"s eye maple for the panels. The pattern seen on the panels is called "book matching" and is created by cutting a board in half and opening it up as if you were opening a book, hopefully one side creating a mirror image of the other. In this case I did not expect to find the dark streaks in the pattern but it was a pleasant surprise when I did.
The back of this cabinet is also frame and panel construction.
To achieve the dark brown color of this cabinet, it was fumed with ammonia. White oak contains tannin and will darken when exposed to ammonia. The bird's eye maple contains little or no tannin so it is not affected by the fuming process.
This piece is priced at $4500.00

Dimensions: 30" wide X 13" deep X 16" tall

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