Wine Bottle Display Center Piece

This piece was the leftover tap root from the same stump as the one used to make the coffee table. It started out completely gray and as I carved and scraped deeper I exposed more sap-wood which had an incredible glow. I had to be very careful to only reveal the sap wood and not carve through it which would have shown more whitish yellow and made the piece more dull. The main idea I had with this one was to showcase the inner beauty of the wood without changing it into something predetermined. There are sections that look like I may have started carving creatures or images but all I did was follow the grain of the wood and work with what was there instead of what I wanted to make. I learned a lot while working on this one and I'm sure anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of wood will enjoy it. It has two coats of marine oil and will be finished with lacquer. It has been a conversation starter long before it was completed and I'm sure it will continue to be at your home.

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