Wine Tower • Cue Restaurant & Bar @ Guthrie Theater; Minneapolis, Mn@, Usa

The Cue wine tower is an intriguing blend of contradictions in design. It offers old-world libations in an ϋber-cool modern aesthetic. Visually it is sumptuous and elegant, yet its geometry is rigid and made from cold hard stainless steel. While serving as a dividing wall between the Cue bar and dining room, it blocks no views. Over-sized in scale, it intimates and defines the Cue bar area under the vast volume of the twenty-five-foot-high restaurant ceilings. Exposed in full view, this feature is at once inventory storage and a spectacular architectural and decorative element separating the bar from the dining experience.
Rising thirteen feet high and spanning over twenty-four feet in length, the Cue wine tower houses 770 wine bottles in the upper racks and over 330 bottles in refrigerated cases below the stone top counter. All bottles are accessible from the back of the tower via a rolling library-type ladder. In retrieving the selection, the ascending and descending wine steward creates a dash of ceremony before the wine is delivered and served!
Custom Furniture Commission: One-of-a-kind.
Designed by IAKeer and fabricated as part of the Interior Architecture package for the Cue Restaurant & Bar.

Dimensions: 13'H 24.5'L 2'D

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