Winter In Blue Multiple Media Art On Fir

This piece is one of the few of my works that don't involve burning. This piece is as fascinating close up as it is at a distance because of the multiple layers evoked by the visual textures involved that engage the viewer's imagination in an impressionistic way. The background is established by the application of a gradient of stains in shades of blue. Over that the trees were rendered in graphite playing lightly over the physical textures of the wood. The result is the sensation of mists in the air. Finally, the graphite comprising the rising trees is wiped away from the hard grain above creating the illusion of clouds wafting across the trees.

Endless creative variations on this theme are possible with selected woods whose innate beauty engages the imagination with associations and impressions of nature's art on the grand scale.

This image too is available as a limited edition fine art reproduction triptych. We invite you to visit our website for details.

Dimensions: Custom commissions are to customer specifications.

The Winter in Blue fine art reproduction triptych is presented in three 16"x28" frames.

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