Alterations & Repairs

If you're interested in having your clothing repaired, please consider a few things that will effect the price:

Can item be repaired, or will a new one have to be made?

Materials needed for the fix.

Complexity of material and item.

If item is a small, medium, or large project.

Shipping of item.


The starting price is a sample price and not a flat rate for our service. (Explanation of the starting price: calculating price for priority mail small package shipping, cost of a single yard of material, Custom Made commission and payment processing fees, and labor).

Completion is time includes the following:

Payment needed to order material.

Waiting for material to arrive.

Work started once material arrives.

Any delays/concerns/changes that may occur during this period.

Please detail what you would like altered and include your following measurements (in inches or centimeters) based on the type of garment(s) you're sending:

around neck; from middle of neck to edge of shoulder front and back; width around arm at shoulder; chest or bust; length from underarm to waist; around waist; back length from middle of neck to waist; front length from top of shoulder to waist
length from shoulder to elbow; length from elbow to wrist; width around widest part of upper arm

waist; length from waist to widest part of hip; length from waist to mid knee, or wherever you want the skirt to end; around the widest part of the hip or thigh, whichever is wider.
The natural waist is at the elbow line, not the top of the hips.

around the waist; widest part of hips and thighs; length from waist to widest part of hips and thighs; get someone to help you get a visual straight line from the front of the pelvis to the furthest point at the back of the seat. A ruler is usually all you need. Personally, I need a yardstick. Get the length of the outside of the leg from the waist, hip, or anywhere in between where you want the garment to hang to the bottom of the ankle. Stand straight. Measure the inseam down to the bottom of the ankle no matter how long you actually want the pants to be. The inseam is measured from the uppermost inner thigh down the inside of the leg to the lower ankle. Just let me know where you want the pants to end.

Let me apologize for how long that 2 weeks seem to be, but my work is first come, first served and I have yet to get a return on what I do. If you are not satisfied with what I do for you let me know in a note explaining exactly what the problem is and I'll see what I can do. But this is why I request that you send me your precise measurements. Don't suck in your body or wear garments that will purposely give you smaller results, then later say what you got was too small. I go by what you give me. I do not return money on the work I do.

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