Working Teak Water Wheel

When a client asked if I could build him an overshot water wheel, the answer had to be yes for two reasons. The first being that I knew I could do the job, and the second being that, how many chances does one get to build a 10 ft diameter water wheel?
True Burmese teak was used in the rims, spokes and axle sleeve. the structural axle is a scavenged steel shaft from a gravel crusher. each rim is made with 18 sections of 8/4 teak, and glued with a lock scarf, which is an old joint from timber framing, and boat building. The spokes are mortise and tenoned into the rims and axle. A sliding dovetail was used to attach the cypress buckets, and then the cypress lining on the inside of the wheel, was milled with an oversize bead and cove joint. Two continuous laminations of 3/8 mahogany wrap the circumference of each rim.

Dimensions: 10 ft. dia. X 42"W

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