World's Coolest Business Card

This wooden business card is 3/8 inch thick, by normal business card dimensions - about 2"x3.5" Included is what is known as a "planetary gear" system - the 4 small wooden gears revolve around the central gear as you move the outer ring. These can be customized as you like by laser etching your name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.- within the limitations of the available area to etch on the front and back of the "World's Coolest Business Card" At $25 each, they are not cheap, but your very best customers will not be tossing this one in the circular file! For now, I am not charging anything extra for the customization. Minimum order for custom is 2 pieces. If you want a whole bunch, we can talk about a discount? This modern day version of the classic "Do Nothing Machine" will endlessly amuse you and your customers. Go to our web page to click on a link to a video, or call or e-mail, and I'll send along the link.

Or you can order any of the following 4 quotes about "meaningless" play - minimum = 1 if ordering a standard item.

I, a machine, am showing you a world, the likes of which only I can see. Dziga Vertov

It is questionable if all the mechanical inventions yet made have lightened the day's toil of any human being.
John Stuart Mill

The power of play is valued as an experience that can be quite powerful in and of itself.

Play is no trivial pursuit

This item is intended as an adult amusement, and is not a toy for children under 13.

Dimensions: 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" x 3/8"

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