Worlds Greatest Knitting Box

This is the worlds greatest knitting box hands down!

This is a hand made Knitting Box that I designed a few years back as an anniversary present for my wife. The box is made too have two equal size sides so when opened it will lay flat on its back and the surface of the two halves are level with each other thus creating a work surface. Furthermore it is constructed in a way that the grain of the wood on each side matches so when shut it looks like a solid piece. One side of the box has two cavities that circular and short needles can slide into, and they are held in place between two pieces of foam. The other side has a trap door made from solid mahogany. When you push on one end of the trap door it pops out revealing a storage compartment for larger knitting needs, thread, buttons or whatever else you wish to stash. The main body of the box is solid mahogany, and the inserts for the top and bottom as well as the splines along the sides are solid poplar. This is both a practical and versatile tool for those who love to knit, as well as a very striking display piece.

Box measurements:
Length 12 inches
Width 6 inches
Overall Height approximately 4 inches (two 2 inch tall halves)

Please note these are made to order and If you wish I can make them from different combination of wood. choices of wood are walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany, poplar, oak (red or white), and ash)

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