Wormy Inertia, Jr.

I built this piece as a shelf to display at ICFF. After making Andy Bernard, I really loved the look of zig-zagging right angles and the oval cap on the round pipe. I decided to emphasize this. While building the piece, we had to use scaffolding for support. After removing the scaffolding, I realized that the piece needed more stability and the shelves needed to be secured to the frame. I added the reclaimed plumbing fittings at the base to connect the three legs and stabilize the piece and, also, drilled through the slabs into the pipes to insert screws. Rather than using a wooden plug, I decided to fill the holes with solder. I loved this look and decided to replace the wooden plugs on both Split Personality and Better Late Than Never with solder. As I mentioned in Andy Bernard, this piece was more deserving of the name Wormy Inertia. I added "Jr." as another reference to the Andy Bernard joke.

Dimensions: 58" wide x 36.5" deep x 62.5" high

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