Wrought Iron Entry Gates

These are architecturally drawn gates, the components were taken from King Architectural Metals, which are for the most part die forged, personally I would rather have forged them myself, a different look, but probably around the same cost. I had to manipulate a few things, the curls, vines & top rail, I then welded everything together, ground & cleaned the welds etc.
The capping I had to make because I could not find the appropriate sizes or configurations & the cost of having them made would have been astronomical, I then acid stained & sealed them. The 4 smaller caps fit directly over the top of the columns & drop over the block work 3 in., the larger ones are built in 4 sections & drop over 6 in.,
In this case I did everything, welding, block & stone work, electrical.

Dimensions: 20 ft. wide x 8 ft, tall at high point of gate

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