Zig-Zag Bookshelf

This small bookshelf will fit atop any desk or tabletop and holds 20-40 books. Because the surface on which the books sit is diagonal, you never have to worry about your books falling over; when one is removed, the rest slide into place.

The surface design of the metal is grinded aluminum. I do the grinding myself and rather enjoy doing it. =) It has a really unique look, and tends to look like its moving as you move around it. Some say it looks like the metal is "dancing" in the light.

*The grinded surface texture on your shelf will vary slightly with the one pictured, due to the subjective nature of grinding the metal.

The shelf consists of six 8" straight portions (where the books sit) all bent at 90 degrees.

Its dimensions are:
34" long X 5.75" tall X 8" deep

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