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At CustomMade, we're changing the way people get engaged. An engagement ring is one of the most significant, and one of the most expensive, purchases in a young person's life. It shouldn't be confusing or transactional, it should be fun, inspiring, and transparent. That's what we aim to do. We make the process of designing and creating an engagement ring personal and meaningful, providing 100% custom design, attentive individualized service, and affordable pricing.

Our web-based custom jewelry business was founded in 2015 and has a proven business model, and demonstrated ability to scale. Every customer connects with people on our team who guide them through the process, and every piece of jewelry we create is designed and manufactured from scratch, exactly once. It's easy to imagine why there are some real challenges in making that work predictability and at scale, delivering exceptionally satisfying experiences, and making a profitable business out of it. We've proven our ability to do this, and now we're hard at work on growth.

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