Cats Included: Custom Cat Furniture

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No, our CustomMade artisans who create custom cat furniture are not shipping cats to their customers, but they will design custom furniture for your home with your feline pets in mind.

What constitutes cat furniture? Towers and scratching posts like these shown on BuzzFeed would make very cool playgrounds for your cats.  But let’s face it.  If you have cats, everything you own also belongs to them, as these photos of various completed projects from the CustomMade galleries attest.

Custom cat furniture by our CustomMade artisans can also be specifically designed to accommodate humans so they don €™t get in the way.

Hardwood Gaming Table by Artisans of the Valley at

This unique hardwood walnut gaming table by Artisans of the Valley includes a hiding place for the client’s cat. The piece’s other uses – as a coffee table, gaming and storage area, wine rack, and other secret compartments – should not bother the cat. Contact Artisans of the Valley and discuss a unique multi-purpose furniture creation.

Back Door by Kevin White Designs at

This custom back door by Kevin White Designs features two small glass windows for ventilation and a “REQUIRED” cat door.

Those custom cat furniture projects that are strictly for your cat’s use can still complement your home’s décor.

Silhouette Elevated Pet Feeder by Baro Woodworks at

Baro Woodworks can create durable and stylish elevated hardwood pet feeders to your custom specifications. Elevated feeders encourage better posture in your pets and ease stress on their necks and joints.

Dania Elevated Pet Feeder by Baro Woodworks at

For every custom elevated feeder you order from Baro Woodworks, artisan Beatrix Nemeth will donate $5 to the Humane Society.

Custom cat furniture can also be furniture inspired by those unique felines who share your homes and lives.

for the cat Gilbert by Kandi Boxes at

Inspired by a singularly friendly cat, this custom jewelry box, “for the cat, Gilbert,” by Kandi Boxes was made from sapele pommele, spalted maple, ebony, and boxwood and features six drawers, a pullout for necklaces, and a secret money box.

Artisan Steve Altman shares Gilbert €™s story on his website.

Include your cat in your custom plans and then contact any of the artisans showcased here to get started on your own custom cat furniture project.  You can also post your cat furniture ideas on our CustomMade “Get it Made” project board and have interested artisans get in touch with you.



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