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The Grommet outfits its office with factory-inspired decor

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Joel Ragan shares his father's stone cutting secrets

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Megan commemorates her fiance's late father with a custom pendant

Meet A Maker

Tim Sway reduces his carbon footprint using upcycled materials

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Josh feels like he helped create his dining table

  • CustomMade wants to bring craftspeople to shoppers, betting on consumer interest for U.S. made goods built by trade professionals.
    USA Today
  • CustomMade has created a competitive marketplace for one-off items. Buyers love the ability to guide the fabrication process online and submit reviews of Makers.
    Entreprenuer Magazine
  • CustomMade has extended the ability to getting almost
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  • CustomMade's Makers will build anything you can imagine
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  • CustomMade has a mission to connect custom-goods
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