For Christmas Yet To Come, Custom Decorations

While your Christmas tree is still up and before you hit the after Christmas sales, take a moment to consider having Christmas ornaments custom made for next year €™s holiday season and many more to come.   Need a little inspiration? Have a look at some wonderful creations in glass, metal, wood, and leather by our CustomMade artisans.

See the glow from this exquisite glass ornament by Reflection Collection?  When light shines through these gold fumed handblown ornaments, “they radiate a brilliant array of iridescent colors.” What is gold fuming?  Artisan Susan Morton explains: Fuming is a process of applying gold to the glass.  I pick up a 1/8″ piece of 24Kgold wire on the end of a molten glass rod and hold it in front of a really oxidizing (hot as I can get it) flame.  Then I hold the piece in front of that.  As the gold approaches the boiling point it begins to vaporize onto the piece.  The gold I use must be absolutely pure.  Any impurity or alloy will result in a greenish look instead of the gold look I want. For a unique gift or heirloom ornament, contact Susan.  You can request a round or teardrop design as well as a marbleized, basketweave, or striped pattern for your pieces.  You can even choose their sizes, ranging from a small 2 ¼” tall to a jumbo 4” tall.

Reflections of Holiday - Gold Fumed Handblown Ornaments by Reflection Collection at

Reflections of Holiday – Gold Fumed Handblown Ornaments by Reflection Collection at

These Christmas ornaments by Kaminer Haislip capture some of the iconic images of the season in simple geometric designs, hand hammered from silver or copper and topped with soldered-on curly silver bows.  Contact Kaminer and add her contemporary designs through traditional techniques to your home’s Christmas décor.

Christmas Ornaments by Kaminer Haislip at

Christmas Ornaments by Kaminer Haislip at

Artisan Dean Batterman of Batterman €™s Custom Woodworking can create unique, heirloom quality hand-turned wooden Christmas tree ornaments from a variety of woods, such as maple, walnut, and mahogany.   Contact Dean and go over your custom options for an ornament set of your own.

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments by Batterman's Custom Woodworking at

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments by Batterman’s Custom Woodworking at

Hang a leather bell strap by Ric’s Leather from your door and bring a distinctive seasonal sound into your home.  Artisan Richard J. Harber, Jr., can create a variety of leather Christmas decorations for you.  Check out the photos of his tree ornaments and stockings on the gallery page as well other items on his CustomMade portfolioContact Richard and discuss bell style and size, leather color and tooling details, and an optional suede lining for your strap, and if you don’t see the ornament you want, just ask him about it.

While you’re thinking of decorations, don’t neglect the base of your tree.  This beautiful, nostalgic Christmas tree stand by Papa’s Workshop is modeled after an early 20th century design and comes wired with 12 bulbs and an on/off switch.  Contact woodworker John Konecny, and next year your tree will look like the centerpiece in an old town square Christmas display.

Christmas Tree Stand by Papa's Workshop at

Christmas Tree Stand by Papa’s Workshop at

Have more ideas for custom Christmas decorations?  Post them on the “Get it Made” job board.  You’ll soon have CustomMade artisans interested in working on your projects contacting you (and there’s plenty of time to prepare for next year’s holiday season).



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