For Your Modest Secrets and Potent Loot: Sculptural Furniture and Turned Vessels by Hudson Design Studios

What would you place inside the Valentine Cabinet by Hudson Design Studios?

Valentine Cabinet by Hudson Design Studios at

The Valentine cabinet by Hudson Design Studios is made from walnut, cherry, goncolo alves, cocobolo, and birdseye maple woods. The cabinet is 12” x 20” and stands 44” tall on its sinuous legs.

CustomMade artisan Kerry Hudson has some suggestions for both drawers of this exotic work: Things to store in the top drawer: good intentions; a lock of your partner’s hair; a love letter gone yellow with age; your forebear’s locket; or the collar of the dog that you still miss so badly it feels like a vise on your heart. Things to store in the bottom drawer: keys which unlock something, though you can’t remember what, though might could be it’s something important; treasure maps; post-cards from your children the first time they went away on their own; various and sundry naughty things; more keys, these the ones to the kingdom. Do you have something to hide? That is, something special to keep?  Perhaps you have some treasures that need a unique station in your home to match their significance to you.  Take a look at these custom sculptural furniture works and turned wood vessels from Kerry’s CustomMade portfolio designed to hold important items and imagine the one-of-a-kind pieces Kerry could also create for you.

Vessel #2 Zebrawood by Hudson Design Studios at

This handmade and turned zebrawood vessel by Hudson Design Studios is “suitable for the storage of modest secrets and potent loot.”

Vessel #1 by Hudson Design Studios at

This turned peroba rosa wood vessel is suspended on an aluminum dowel between two wings of mahogany and sheet glass. Like flowers in a vase, the top can be removed. Hudson Design Studios at

2-Tiered Sofa Table by Hudson Design Studios at

This dual-tiered jatoba, cherry, and maple sofa table presents a challenge. Kerry suggests that since “things don’t usually work out as we expect,” consider placing “lesser things” on the upper level. What would you weigh on this provocative, metaphorical scale? Hudson Design Studios at

Pardi Shelf by Hudson Design Studios at

The Pardi shelf by Hudson Design Studios is named after “the Good Professor Pardi, who first commissioned this corner shelving unit” made of solid mahogany with five ¾” glass shelves. Contact Kerry if you have questions about this piece or if you’d like another design for custom display shelves.

Beatles Music House by Hudson Design Studios at

The Beatles Music House by Hudson Design Studios holds a never-before-seen collection of Beatles music in multiple media in a stunning furniture sculpture of jatoba, rosewood, glass, brass, and chrome. The collection includes the “Blue Box” LP box set, a stereo remastered CD box set, a mono remastered CD box set, the book “The Beatles: The Complete Scores,” and a limited edition USB digital apple. (Yes, the apple on the platter is actually a digital playback device containing FLAC and mp3 versions of the stereo remasters. Sort of like a glass onion you can hear through).

Get in touch with Kerry Hudson if you have any questions about the works featured here or in the Hudson Design Studios CustomMade portfolio or would like to start your own custom project to house your prized possessions.



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