Secret Compartments and Concealed Doors: Hidden Storage Ideas

What do you see in this photo of a custom cherry seven-drawer bureau with cabinet by Bissell Fine Woodworking?   Ebony knobs, dovetailed drawers, a mitered base.   A roomy cabinet with an adjustable shelf. Can you find the secret compartment? Give up?  Furniture maker Richard Bissell won’t tell. “After all, if we showed how […]

Stay on Target: Sophisticated Dartboard Cabinet designed by Mars Made

Did you know that one of the earliest dartboards was actually a slice of a tree trunk? Of course, this would make sense with its natural rings and radial cracks €” perfect for keeping score. But today, dartboards require a bit more sophistication and versatility. This  ultra chic custom Dartboard Cabinet was made by Mars […]

Ten Ways to Add Custom Built-In Bookcases to Your Home

Have you decided to invest in custom built-in bookcases for your home?  Built-in shelving will give you versatile storage space and add a note of distinction to any room in your home.  However, if you thought built-in bookcases were just for your library, think again.  Here are ten ways to add built-in bookcases to your […]