Kingan's Reliable...something. posted on December 10th

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    • Budget: 100-500
    • Materials: Not specified
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    • Tammy
    • Brighton, MA 02135
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Hi there Makers! My family has a long and unusual past here in the US. Part of which includes a meat packing company from the late 1800's that actually invented a lot of amazing products and concepts we use today such as refrigerated shipping, Spam (yuck!) and sliced bacon (of all things, right?!) You can see a bit more about it here-

Anyway, I want to incorporate our logo into something for myself....and I'm not sure what yet. In terms of budget, I'm alright with going over $100 with shipping, etc. I would really love to hear some ideas from you guys for what you are thinking you could do with this. It could be a glass dish with the logo, or maybe a ring, or a leather journal- I just want to hear some ideas from the creative Makers on CM. I work for CustomMade and would love to do a blog post about this as well, so I can't wait to hear your ideas!!!!

Tammy Kingan