Necklace with stone or gem

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    November 19th
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    Medford, MA 02155
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    Describe your ideas for style and design: I would like a small metal hook fastened somehow to the top of the coin (perhaps welded, but I do not want any holes punctured into the coin.) Then i envision some type of crystal or stone put in the center of the coin to fill the small hole. Not sure how expensive crystal would be, if it is too costly, some other gem or stone would be fine. (Preferably not pink though)

    I'd like the chain on the necklace to be sterling silver.

    The face of the coin that says "Danmark" would be the front of the necklace pendant.

    This would be a Christmas gift so ideally I would need it in enough time to present on Christmas.

    Thank You.
    How many would you like?: One
    Chain included?: Yes
    Pendant material or color: Silver
    Length of chain (inches): 19 inches
    Pendant size: Approximately 1 inch with a hole in the center that is a little less than 1/4 of a centimeter
    Type of stone: Metal
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