R2D2 Engagement Ring

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    April 30th
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    Joe P.
    Clifton, NJ 07011
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    Not specified
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    Not specified
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    $5,000 to $10,000
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    Hello, my name is Joe Pagani. I am a Graphic Artist and Tattooer in the North Jersey metro area. I was recommended to this site by one of my closest friends and custom made builder Endless Design. This is my first project with custom made and I have to admit, I am really excited to get the ball rolling. I am looking for an enthusiastic professional to make my R2D2 themed engagement ring a reality.

    As a fellow creator, I do understand the value of "trusting in your professional" as well as the countless hours of unseen hard work and attention. That being said, I am open to suggestion, and direction. I am a true newbie in this arena and do need some honest help!

    I am hoping to find a maker who can match my fanatical star wars enthusiasm.

    I believe this can and will be a truly unique piece for both us and your portfolio!!!

    Joe Pagani
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