Sport Ring

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    November 18th
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    Loong W.
    NW4 4HD NW4 4HD
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    Not specified
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    Not specified
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    $500 to $1,000
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    Describe your ideas for style and design:
    University Name - MDX UNIVERSITY
    Left Shank Ribbon Text - BA FILM
    Left Shank Image - Middlesex University Logo
    Right Shank Ribbon Text - WXL
    Right Shank Image - Image of a volleyball & net
    Stone Option - Emerald
    Ring Size - 5.5

    Ring size: 5.5
    How many would you like?: 1
    Material or color preference: 10K White Gold
    Type of stone: Emerald


    Stone Option & Color - Emerald & Green
    Stone Size - Depending on the ring size
    Metal Option - 10K White Gold
    Ring Size - 5.5 (FEMALE Medium Size)
    Ring Dimension - Medium Unisex
    Bezel Option - MDX UNIVERSITY

    Left Side:
    Personal Identifier - BA FILM
    Side Panel - Middlesex University Logo
    (just the shape and details,
    Background - Black
    Text Color - 10K White Gold

    Right Side:
    Personal Identifier - WXL
    Side Panel - Image of a Volleyball & net
    (just the shape and details!!)
    Background - Black
    Text Color - 10K White Gold

    ***IMPORTANT: Add one layer of transparent gel-like protection on the BEZEL and on BOTH LEFT & RIGHT SIDE of the ring!!!
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