Tourmaline Engagement Ring

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    June 23rd
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    Dear Jeweler,

    I’m looking to purchase a custom engagement ring.

    Attached are a couple of pictures of the ring I had in mind. (My apologies for the lack of artistry.) Specifically, I would like the band to be cast in 950 palladium, 4-5mm in width, rounded on the inside edges (sometimes called “comfort fit”), and sized to five and three-quarters. For the center stone I would like indicolite blue tourmaline and the side stones to be 3-4mm square cubic zirconium.

    My girlfriend specified that she didn’t want anything large or “sticking up.” So I imagined more of a channel like setting. In January, I purchased a 1.51 CT tourmaline via eBay. She loved that color but thought it might be too large. So the center stone should probably be less than 1.3 CT. And she was pretty insistent that it had a “comfort fit edge” and was sized to 5 ¾. The palladium is my idea.

    I appreciate your consideration of this matter and look forward to hearing your estimate.

    Thank you,

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