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Red Tiger Eye Necklace


The Maria necklace is of gem quality red tiger eye spheres strung on silk thread with 18K yellow gold individually fabricated spacers and a handmade gold clasp.
The most common type of tiger eye is yellow or honey colored. The red variety is less well known because it is rarer. The large matching beads of the Maria necklace have orange-red luminous bands on a chocolate background.
The 18K yellow gold hand fabricated clasp is made with a band of metal that forms a circle and a diametrically placed hollow tube into which is inserted the closing mechanism. The spacers are miniature replicas of the clasp and are made so that a silk thread can run through a central tubing.
The gold is hall marked 750 for precious metal content and signed with my logo.
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The necklace is 50 cm long. The red tiger eye spheres have a 12 mm diameter. The clasp has a diameter of 14 mm and a height of 6 mm. There are 9.2 grams of gold in the Maria necklace.

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