"Homeward Flight" Family Room Window, Mercy Hospice, Scranton Pa

During remodeling of a new inpatient unit, Mercy Hospice invited us to submit a design for the window of the family/meditation room, stipulating that it should include their symbol, a dove, and be appropriate for people of any faith. The resulting window's design indicates the Spirit's presence to the suffering or dying person, guiding him or her toward peace and union with God. The upward-flying doves signify the Spirit of God, the spirit of the person who is freed from death to eternal life, and those who watch with the dying person, whose spirits are uplifted by God.
Running through the dove images are colors and lines that evoke the valley of death as well as mountains, for a mountain-top is a common depiction of the meeting-place of human beings with God. To Christians it represents the place of their Savior's death and the site of the holy city "lit by the radiant glory of God" (Rev 21:9-27).
The window is made of mouth-blown ("antique") glass from Germany, hand-poured opalescent glass from Connellsville, Pennsylvania, and lead came. All the glass is sun-lit during the day and at night the opalescent glass reflects light, making the window visible in a new way for those who keep vigil through late hours.
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Dimensions: 35 9/16" x 34 8/16" upper lite, 16 1/8" x 34.5" lower lite

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