Recreating a New York City love story


Newlyweds-to-be deserving of a gift that couldn’t be found in any registry.

A painting depicting a customized pedicab and a couple on the brink of falling in love  during a New York City winter night.

Fiona Miller

Ellen was looking for something completely unique to the couple she was buying a wedding gift for. Since the couple met in the Big Apple during Christmastime, Ellen figured a painting would pay perfect homage to their fairytale meeting. She requested Fiona include the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in the distance and a small detail a knowing eye would pick up on – the couple in a pedicab they rode that fateful night.

Fiona set to work sketching three different iterations in ink pen for Ellen to choose from. When the scene was set, Ellen added watercolor details down to the shade of the couples’ hair (long brown & short black) and their initials, M + J with a heart, on the side of the pedicab.

A wedding gift, not to be shoved in a cabinet or stored on a dusty shelf, but rather displayed on the wall for all to admire.




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