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Unique custom rings for everyday wear

Engagements and weddings have cast custom rings into a category of permanent and meaningful jewelry. However, you don’t need to be getting hitched to showcase some finger flair. As an easy-to-wear piece of jewelry, there’s a wide variety of style options when it comes to rings. Rings run the gamut of subtle and sweet to […]

10 Uniquely designed chairs

Lounge, wing, club and arm chairs are one of the most used decor items in a home so as highly trafficked pieces of furniture it’s important to consider function and form. While custom upholstery is a great way to make your chairs stand out there are always other options to make one-of-a-kind chairs, like mixing […]

The Grommet ‘Buys Differently’

The Grommet, a curated online marketplace of products that haven’t hit the mainstream yet, prides itself on the motto, Buy Differently. Deeply embedded in their ethos is a desire to customize the economy around personal buying values. Pretty impressive. With a stance so powerful it’s hard to imagine The Grommet ever decking its offices out […]

8 Bespoke bathroom sinks

It’s understandable that the bathroom might not be the first place you want to show off in your home. Bathrooms tend to get a bad rap, putting them last on the new decor list. Throw some potpourri in there, a nice little shower curtain and some floral paintings and you’re set, right? Wrong. The bathroom […]

10 ways to add Rustic to your home

It’s highly doubtful that our early-settling ancestors knew they were on to something with home decor, yet hundreds of years later their humble rustic style has found its way to the mainstream. Defined by naturally distressed wood, rusted patina metal, and organic shapes and textures, quality rustic pieces add a softened earthy element to any […]

Recreating a New York City love story

Newlyweds-to-be deserving of a gift that couldn’t be found in any registry. A painting depicting a customized pedicab and a couple on the brink of falling in love  during a New York City winter night. Fiona Miller Ellen was looking for something completely unique to the couple she was buying a wedding gift for. Since […]

Melissa and Jason Crisp’s unique fire pits

If last weekend landed you on the CustomMade Facebook page, chances are your jaw dropped at the unique fire pit created by Melissa & Jason Crisp of The Fire Pit Gallery. Well, you weren’t alone! The comments were flowing, likes were flying and shares were hitting the roof. Intrigued by the intricate work of this […]