Custom Knives for Hunters, Collectors, and Chefs by Cote Custom Knives

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What sort of custom knives can Guillaume Cote of Cote Custom Knives create for you?

A Persian Fighter?

Persian Fighter by Cote Custom Knives at

This Persian Fighter has a 9” double-ground blade of CPM-154 steel and an amber sambar stag horn handle with turquoise inlay. The knife comes with a hand-stitched leather sheath. Cote Custom Knives at

A fillet knife?

Fillet Knife by Cote Custom Knives at

“Sharky,” a large fillet knife, has a CPM-154 steel blade with a hand-rubbed mirror polish. The handle was made from Norwegian spruce cone cast in urethane and has a toothy little face that grins back at the wielder. Cote Custom Knives at

Something that can cut through large welding cable?

In this video, Guillaume €™s customer, an Artic diver, is testing a custom knife made from CPM S30V stainless steel with a Rockwell scale hardness of 60.

Guillaume will handcraft your custom knife to your specifications from the finest materials.   His blades are heat-treated and made from steels such as CPM series stainless steel, D2, and Damascus stainless steel.   His custom-designed handles are made from stabilized wood burls, sheep or stag horn, and even mammoth ivory.

Guillaume’s passion for knife making was sparked in the Canadian Arctic in 1981 when a co-worker on the Distant Early Warning line showed him a knife he had made from a discarded saw blade.  His own first handmade knife, he recalls, “was fashioned with old truck springs, heated with a torch, and hammered out until it took on the shape of a knife.”  Take a look at more examples of the unique custom knives Guillaume has since fashioned featured in the Cote Custom Knives CustomMade portfolio.

Hatchet by Cote Custom Knives at

This hatchet was made using W2 high carbon steel and an amber sambar stag horn handle with desert ironwood spacers. Cote Custom Knives at

Carbon Fiber Bullnose Skinner by Cote Custom Knives at

Handmade carbon fiber bullnose skinner with inlaid carbon fiber spacers. The blade can be custom made from CPM S30V or CPM D2 steel. Cote Custom Knives at

Mosaic Damascus Hunter by Cote Custom Knives at

This hunting knife has a 6” blade of Eggerling Mosaic Damascus steel and an amber Indian stag horn handle with turquoise inlay and stainless steel spacers. Cote Custom Knives at

Read the glowing recommendations Guillaume has received from his customers and then contact Cote Custom Knives to discuss your own custom knife projects.



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