Fantasy and Steampunk Costume Designs by Ragged Edge Leatherworks

Where can you get a one-of-a-kind steampunk costume or an outfit inspired by Celtic mythology? If you like the look and feel of leather in a daring, chic fantasy style, CustomMade artisan Morgan Heisler of Ragged Edge Leatherworks is your one-woman source for custom costume designs for any fantasy genre.   Morgan hand sources premium and upcycled leather, fabrics, and other materials for her unique, handcrafted creations tailored to each customer €™s needs, size, and sense of fun.

If you €™re a fan of Renaissance fairs, fantasy or science fiction role-playing games, LARPing, or just want to turn heads wherever your adventures take you, check out these amazing custom costumes by Ragged Edge Leatherworks.

Looking for mermaid designs you can wear on dry land?

Aqua Mermaid Corset by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

This custom leather aqua mermaid corset has natural accents and an opalescent quality from eco-friendly dyes. Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Blue Mermaid Cuff by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

This blue mermaid cuff is made from two types of leather. The under layer is hand painted and sealed for a filigreed look, and the outer layer is hand dyed and painted for a shiny, reflective appearance. Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Celtic styles and themes inspired these custom costumes and accessories.

Celtic Red Leather and Stud Cuff by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

This sumptuous red leather bracelet features raised Celtic knotwork in colors and patterns designed to give the piece an aged appearance. This cuff bracelet can be custom made for men or women. Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Tribal Deerskin and Faery Top Custom Fit by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Inspired by the Wild Hunt of Celtic mythology, this top was custom made for Morgan’s client. The piece was made from premium black suede and black-and-red deerskin and features the characteristic “Ragged Edge” look of Morgan’s work. Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Steampunk is hot and you €™ll look very cool in these custom steampunk costume designs.

Burgundy Simple Steampunk Cuff by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Clockwork pieces studded with Swarovski crystals adorn this leather steampunk cuff. Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Men's Steampunk Leather Costume by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

This steampunk-inspired men’s leather costume with brass accents features a long, four-strap vest, a belt and bag, a gun holster, and leather gauntlets. Perfect for diceless and BYOB (bring your own backstory). Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Do you prefer fairy tales in darker tones?

Dark Faery Queen Headdress by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

The Dark Faery Queen headdress is made of four segmented, lightweight leather pieces and can be configured in a variety of styles. Feathers decorate the crown and also flow down the back of this stunning headdress. Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Green Man Warrior Mask by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

The curves, angles, and gold highlights on his hand-formed, shaped, and dyed leather Green Man warrior mask give it an otherworldly appearance. “Lightweight, this mask is comfortable enough to be worn all day!” That would be quite a day. Ragged Edge Leatherworks at


(Members of the Unseely Court are not included in custom orders).

Have a costume idea that was inspired by your favorite fantasy series?

Fire Nation Inspired Arm Bracers by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

The animated TV series, “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” inspired these water buffalo and deerskin leather bracers. Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Red Leather Corset Armor by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

This red leather corset armor is based on the Mord Sith style featured in the “Legend of the Seeker” TV series. The leaf-and-vine design “gives the corset a very sensuous look.” Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

Keep in mind that all the costumes featured here and in the Ragged Edge Leatherworks CustomMade portfolio were designed and sized for individual clients.  If you’re interested in one of these outfits or accessories, contact Morgan and give her your measurements for a custom fitting.  Of course, if you have an idea for your own unique costume and Morgan’s style and work appeal to you, share your vision with her so your custom fantasy or steampunk costume design can become a reality.

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Spike Bracers in Oxblood by Ragged Edge Leatherworks at

See your enemies driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women in style with custom spike bracers in your choice of red, brown, black, blue, green, or oxblood (shown here). Ragged Edge Leatherworks at



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