Custom Clock Designs

Unique clock designs by CustomMade artisans can brighten any room in your home.  Custom clocks will not only tell the time but also a story through the materials and style you and your artisan will choose for your one-of-a-kind project.  Check out these clock designs from our CustomMade galleries that cover everything from elegant mantle clocks to whimsical grandfather clocks.

Your mantle is a ready showcase for eye-catching clock designs.

Solid Wood Clock by Ben Whitbeck Woodworking at

This tiger maple and lacewood solid wood clock by Ben Whitbeck Woodworking, with its curved body and bold base with a small drawer, would make a wonderful accent. Ben can design your custom clock around the wood species and dimensions best suited to your home dĂŠcor.

Art Nouveau Clock by MWB Studios at

The oil baron era architecture of Tulsa, OK, inspired Michael Benton of MWB Studios to create “Tulsa,” a handmade Art Nouveau mantle clock. Contact Michael and you, too, could be livin’ on Tulsa time.

Keep a reminder of the time as well as a special place or person close at hand with clock designs for your desk.

Oriental Gate Clock by Taghkanic Woodworking LLC at

This solid ebony clock by Taghkanic Woodworking LLC was inspired by Japanese torii gate architecture.

Sweetheart Clock by Clocks by Glen Miller at

A sweetheart clock by Clocks by Glen Miller would make a great gift for the one you love. This table clock is made from African sapele wood and features an ivory clock face.

Explore functional art with custom wall clocks.

Clocks by Rose Woodworks at

Nathan Rose of Rose Woodworks created this custom wall clock with a live edge design from hardwoods native to North Carolina, where his studio is located.

Contemporary Wall Clock by John Herbert Boston Furniture Collaborative at

This playful contemporary wall clock by John Herbert, Boston Furniture Collaborative, was made from mahogany and birdseye maple with brass rods, hands, and numbers. The lower clock case was designed to allow the pendulum to swing through it.

Every element of your clock designs can be custom made to your specifications.

Clock Face Detail by Silas Kopf Woodworking at

The face of this clock by Silas Kopf Woodworking features beautiful inlays of abalone, copper, brass, mother-of-pearl, and ebony.

Hemingway Limited Edition Clock by Grandfather Clocks Plus Inc. at

All the mechanisms in this Hemingway limited edition clock by Grandfather Clocks Plus, Inc., were made from the finest, hand-selected cherry wood. The weights drop through the carved columns and cabinet towards the floor. The base of this clock could be customized to include a cigar humidor or wine rack.

Embrace the adage, “time flies when you’re having fun,” with whimsical custom clock designs.

Hickory Dickory Clock by Jake Cress Furniture Maker at

As Jake Cress, Furniture Maker, retells this nursery rhyme: “Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one – and the other got away!” It was not for lack of trying. As you can see, this spry grandfather clock slapped away one mouse with its pendulum but the other mouse just escaped being squashed by his foot. This wild clock is in the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, but you can contact Jake with a custom clock request.

Butt Clock by Moose Time Design at

Perfect for anyone behind the times, the butt clock by George Parker of Moose Time Design. “Self explanatory! A mahogany hand-carved butt with wenge top. Wall hanging or stand up. Great conversation piece. Can be made miniature-sized or life-sized or any scale desired!”

Post your clock designs on our CustomMade €œGet it Made € project board today and have artisans interested in your ideas contact you.



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