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Butterfly engagement ring designs

Our favorite engagement rings inspired by butterflies

Updated October 19, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

You give me butterflies

Did you know there are over 17,000 species of butterfly around the world? Covering all shapes and sizes and every color of the rainbow, it is no wonder they have come to hold a special place in many couples’ hearts. Butterflies symbolize everything from transformation and bravery to peace and love. We took up our nets and have collected our favorite butterfly engagement rings for you to enjoy.


The butterflies on our first engagement ring may be small but their meaning is monumental. Our bride-to-be lost her mother, but continues to see her in every butterfly that flutters by. To carry her mom with her, we engraved delicate butterfly peekaboos beneath the two diamond side stones. While the butterflies are a secret detail for the bride, the aquamarine center stone and diamond accents take the spotlight, creating a beautifully serene engagement ring.


Our next husband-to-be brought together all of his love’s favorite things: butterflies, sunflowers, Celtic knots, and the color yellow. The result is an engagement ring that comes to life before our eyes! We can almost see the yellow diamond-studded butterflies fluttering into place, landing on the sunflowers sitting either side of the moissanite center stone. The final touch? Celtic knot engravings along the rose gold band.


Butterflies are the ultimate symbol of transformation and so is this engagement ring. This inspired husband-to-be came to us with an image of a yellow gold butterfly with gem-encrusted wings. We tucked the idea into a chrysalis, worked a bit of magic, and this beauty emerged! Three sunny citrine stones make up the body of the butterfly, with swirling yellow gold creating its graceful wings.


This engagement ring is straight out of a fairytale garden! The white gold rose petal setting magically blossoms around the lab-created diamond center stone and vibrant amethyst accents grace the band. Dainty butterflies, a childhood favorite of the bride-to-be, play among the purple gems.


No, we haven’t made a mistake! There definitely is a butterfly on this engagement ring — but it’s hidden just for the bride! This lab-created diamond and rose gold ring dazzles, with an edgy pear cut center stone surrounded by a shimmering halo, and even more lab-created diamonds dripping down the band. A delicately engraved butterfly peekaboo is tucked away under the center stone — a private message from the groom to his bride.


We’re wrapping up this list with an alexandrite butterfly dream! This couple had their hearts set on an alexandrite center stone, with a full rainbow of color, to represent the beauty of queer, genderblind love. The lovebirds (or love-butterflies!) knew they were destined to be together during a visit to a butterfly museum. Blue diamond and sapphire accents are used to bring life to the two blue monarch butterflies, one on either side of the center stone. Look closely and you might even find one more!

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