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Rose engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite rose themed engagement rings

Updated October 6, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

Love is like a rose

It hardly needs to be said that roses are associated with declarations and displays of love. Poets and songwriters through the ages have called on the rose to symbolize love and affection, and we all know the cost of these bad boys goes up around Valentine’s day. So, without further ado…

Roses are red, sapphires are blue, we love rose engagement rings and think you will, too!


When your significant other’s middle name is Rose, well, it’d be rude not to include roses in her engagement ring! Our first husband-to-be knew he wanted to include a visual nod to his beloved’s floral name in the ring design. Beautifully delicate white gold roses grow up the shoulders of the band and flourish around a sky blue cushion cut topaz.


Our next couple-in-love wanted a show-stopping petal setting for their center stone. The deep red of the ruby center stone pairs perfectly with the bold yellow gold rose petals growing around it. A sweet ruby accent stone and delicate leaves add a special touch, with a vine-enwrapped band completing the design.


You may not notice the rose at first on our next engagement ring, instead being dazzled by the pear cut diamond center stone. This husband-to-be wanted to add a subtle, single rose in the design to commemorate the first flower he ever gave his fiancé. The rose is engraved on the profile of the offset white gold band. Paired with the matching diamond and white gold wedding band, the rose will remain a secret that only the couple know about.


Our next rose-inspired design is a matching his and hers set! A rose was the first gift the lovers gave each other, holding a special place in their hearts. Her bridal set features a heart-shaped diamond in a rose gold petal setting. Ruby and sapphire accents sit like dewdrops on a chain of leaves that grows down the band of the engagement ring, and a collection of diamonds grow out of the leaves on her matching wedding band. His wedding band features a small engraved rose, to match hers, and chain of leaves with diamond accents.


Our next bride-to-be remembers the rose she was given on prom night: their first date! To memorialize this special moment, she wanted roses added to the design of her sky blue topaz engagement ring. The round center stone is nestled into a rose gold band with a beautiful diamond-accented rose sitting on either side. Tendrils grow around the band budding leaves and diamond accents.


This future fiancé found multiple ways to incorporate the rose into his beloved’s engagement ring. Not only is there a beautiful white rose (her favorite flower) blossoming from the ring’s gallery, but a hexagon salt and pepper diamond adds a unique touch to this one-of-a-kind ring. We love the use of this unique cut to fit the subtle vintage styling of this engagement ring. Diamond accents throughout both bridal set rings are embellished with milgrain borders to complete this white rose dream.


Our next ring (and couple) is an example of how opposites can come together in harmony. A stunning diamond center stone sits between the two halves of the engagement ring. On one side, a cluster of white diamond accents and a rose cut salt and pepper diamond (see, roses!) symbolizing his indecisive personality (his words, not ours!); the other side holds a perfect yellow gold rose as a symbol of her natural calm.


Our final rose engagement ring is a beautiful spring bouquet. Our final groom arranged his beloved’s favorite flowers, roses and tulips, for an unforgettable engagement ring. Combined with a heart-shaped diamond center stone and sunshine-yellow citrine accents, he’ll never have to buy her flowers again (though he probably still should!)

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