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Gemstone Engagement Rings

Show your true colors with a custom non-diamond engagement ring designed just for you.

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Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Think beyond the diamond! Colored gemstones will make your engagement ring design distinctive, personal, and rare.

True Treasures

Vibrant blue sapphires. Lush green emeralds. Striking red rubies. Perfect pink morganites. A diamond isn't the only option for creating a beautiful engagement ring.

Colored gemstones are often more affordable than diamonds and many are far more rare. We'll help you choose a gem to bring its unique brand of beauty to your ring design.

A World of Possibilities

The creative possibilities with colored gems are endless - whether you simply want to add a splash of color to your engagement ring, or tell a story through a multi-colored setting of various gems.

Break From Tradition

While diamonds have been the engagement ring standard for decades, more and more brides are opting for a more personal, more distinctive choice.

From the sublimely subtle to the brilliantly bold design, a non-diamond engagement ring is sure to draw attention.

Designing Engagement Rings with CustomMade

CustomMade designs and makes one-of-a-kind, meaningful engagement rings. Each ring is inspired by you, designed for you, and fabricated just for you.

Our staff gemologists will guide you through every step of choosing the perfect center stone, showcasing a selection of gems from collections around the world, hand-curated and selected just for you.

Vintage-inspired engagement ring with remarkable depth of color in the black opal center stone.

A Gem To Tell Your Love Story

What makes colored gemstones so meaningful is that each gem carries with it a rich history of symbolism and significance. Add to that the distinct nuances and color variations of every individual stone and you have the perfect way to bring an element of yourself and your relationship into your ring.

Whether you pick your stone simply because you love its color and lustre, or you select a gem with a mythology that's meaningful to you, the perfect gem will make your ring truly one-of-a-kind.

Find Your True Color


A relatively newly discovered and extremely rare gem, alexandrite is considered a symbol of fortune and good luck. With its constantly changing colors, it’s a reminder that life is not always what it seems to be.


Amethyst has been set in religious and royal jewelry for centuries. Once considered as equal in value to ruby, emerald, and sapphire, it’s the stone of St. Valentine, and symbolizes faithful love.


Its name deriving from the Latin phrase "aqua marinus," meaning "water of the sea," aquamarines represent calm waves and crystal blue water. They’re believed to encourage inner peace and soothing thoughts.


Sporting an earthy yellow-orange color, citrine has grown in popularity in recent years as brides opt for nature-inspired engagement ring designs. Citrine is thought to symbolize empowerment and authority.


Prized by cultures for over 6000 years, ancients associated Emeralds with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and believed wearing it would protect lovers from unfaithfulness. Also associated with growth and rebirth, emeralds are said to contain "all the green in nature."


Among the most structurally complex gems in the world, garnets are normally renowned for their dark red color, but can actually be found in many colors. Garnets are a symbol of heart and commitment, and have been given as a token of love for thousands of years.


With its shimmering blue and white colors, ancient cultures associated this feldspar gem with the moon, some claiming that the stone was formed from moonbeams.


An extremely popular stone, morganite’s faded pink hues give any engagement ring a vintage aesthetic. Discovered in 1910, morganite is called "the stone of divine love," and is considered incredibly rare.


Black onyx has long been a symbol of protection and security. It’s also believed to be a defense against negativity, absorbing bad energy to keep it away from the wearer.


Containing all the colors of the rainbow, opal is celebrated as a symbol of hope. An opaque stone, it’s unique among gemstones in that its impurities are what make it beautiful and give each stone its distinct character.


This iridescent gem is perennially popular, and lends an instantly classic look to your ring. Natural pearls are formed by mollusks and are extremely rare, but cultivated pearls make this gem readily available in milky white, Tahitian black, and various other shades.


Called the "gem of the sun" by the ancient Egyptians, who valued it for its bright olive colors, this vivacious gemstone is associated with truth and faithfulness.


One of the most sought-after gemstones throughout history, rubies have long been seen as the gem of passion, love, and courage. Deep red rubies are among the rarest gems known to man.


With a resurgence in popularity (due in no small part to the royal family’s taste in engagement rings), sapphires are incredibly beautiful, valuable, and durable. They can be found in many colors, but rich, velvety blue sapphires are popular and highly coveted.


Named after its African country of origin, this gem can be deep blue or violet-bluet and is only found in a tiny region of the world. Legend has it that all tanzanite was created by a single lightning strike. Discovered just over 50 years ago, it’s considered 1000x more rare than diamond.


This durable gem is most popular in shades of blue, but can be found in a broad range of colors, from the highly valued natural peach-orange shades of imperial topaz to the quirky rainbow blend of man-made mystic topaz.


A gem that's hard enough for daily wear and known for its vivid, saturated colors, pink and green being the most popular. Other notable colors include the uniquely bright electric neon blue of Paraiba tourmaline and the beautiful green and pink color blend of bi-color watermelon tourmaline.


From ancient Egyptians to native American tribes to modern jewelry designers, turquoise has remained fashionable as a jewelry gem. The blue green gem, sometimes speckled or veined, is thought to protect its wearer and symbolizes hope.

The Beauty of Color

Looking for a green gem? Certainly, emerald is a great choice, but tourmaline and green sapphire are stunning options, too. Thinking red? Ruby is wonderful, but how about spinel or garnet? For a few of the most popular gem colors, we've picked a few recently completed engagement rings to help inspire you.

  • Pink
  • Deep Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Light Blue
  • Purple
10mm Peach-Pink Round Morganite 14K Yellow Gold, Pave Twisting Shank
9x7mm Oval Pink Morganite 14K Rose Gold, Diamond Halo, Vintage-Inspired Filigree Basket Setting
9x6mm Oval Pink Morganite 14k Rose Gold, Diamond Halo, Delicate Pave Shank
6mm Round Baby Pink Topaz, 2mm Aquamarine Accents 10K White Gold, Whimsical Stars and Flowers Detail
.9ct Oval Montana Sapphire 14K White Gold Vintage-Inspired Shank, Matching Tiara Wedding Ring
8x4mm Marquise Tanzanite 10K White Gold, Detailed Scrollwork on Shank
6mm Squar London Blue Topaz, 4x3mm Pear Green Emeralds 14K Rose Gold, Art Nouveau-Inspired Shank, Swiss Blue Topaz Accents
7.5mm unheated round Blue Sapphire, 0.46ct round Diamonds Platinum, Three-Stone Setting
7x5mm Natural Oval Ruby, 0.42ct Round Diamonds 18K Yellow Gold, Three-Stone
7mm Square Mozambique Red Garnet Sterling Silver, Bead Detail, Faux-Halo
12x6mm Marquse Lab-Created Ruby, 5mm Trillion White Sapphire 14K White Gold, Bezel Setting, Pave Shank
6mm Round Mozambique Red Garnet 14K Rose Gold, Leaf and Flower Shank, Black Spinel Accents
7mm Lab-Created Round Emerald 14K White Gold, Vintage Inspired Setting, Peekaboo Diamonds
4x3mm Natural Emerald-Cut Emeralds 10K White Gold, Hand-Finished Nature-Inspired Branch Details
6x3mm Lab-Created Marquise Emerald Sterling Silver, Natural Antiqued Finish
7x3.5mm Lab-Created Marquise Emerald 10K White Gold, Celtic Knot Band, East-West Gem Setting
10x7.5mm Natural Oval Aquamarine Platinum, Three-Stone, Channel-Set Accent Diamonds, Milgrain
4.5mm Square-Cut Natural Aquamarine 10K White Gold, Rhodium Plating, Milgrain
7mm Trillion Swiss Blue Topaz 14K Rose Gold, Octopus Shank, Custom Tentacle Prong Setting
9x7mm Natural Aquamarine 14K Yellow Gold, Custom-Designed Seahorse Setting
6.5mm Round Amethyst 14k White Gold, Solitaire, Delicate Trinity Knot Shank
6.5mm Round Lab-Created Alexandrite 14K White and Rose Gold, Modern Asymmetric Setting, Diamond Accents
6.5mm Round Purple Amethysts Platinum, Bypass Shank, Toi-et-Moi Setting
6mm Round Purple Amethyst Sterling Silver, Intricate Flower and Leaf Design, Amethyst Accents

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