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Tree engagement ring designs

Updated August 24, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

We’re going out on a limb here…

… and saying it’s only natural to associate love with nature. It’s no wonder we have many couples coming to us with tree themed engagement rings in mind. There are over 60,000 different species of trees around the world, so whether our couples want a specific type of tree or just generic inspiration, we’ve got them covered! Let’s check out some of our favorite tree inspired engagement rings.


If you’re going to give your loved one flowers, why not make them last forever? That’s what this clever couple did, having the hibiscus flower (his partner’s favorite) trailing down the band of her engagement ring. This tree inspired ring honors the couple’s love of nature with white gold tree branches winding up the shoulders of the band to hold a stunning round alexandrite at the center.


Don’t you just love the mesmerizing cushion-cut black spinel center stone of this engagement ring? Our next couple’s tree inspired design is an ode to the darker mysterious side of nature. The yellow gold band is textured to look like the weathered branches of an old tree winding up to envelop the center stone and two round ruby accents. A couple of guarding crows sit either side of the center stone.


Our next husband-to-be wanted a classic ring for his partner. We created an elegant yellow gold solitaire engagement ring with a brilliant round diamond center stone, fringed with diamond accents on the shoulders. A little peekaboo palm tree grows in the gallery, with vibrant emeralds serving as coconuts and adding a splash of color.


Our next couple wanted a ring that represented all the milestones that helped to strengthen their love: their shared love of growing plants, and a love of nature. This bridal set is made up of white gold branching roots that circle around to an emerald cut green tourmaline center stone with leaves, roses, and round champagne sapphire accents growing throughout.


Our next couple’s love grew as they spent time exploring Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, sharing the magical sight of a southern California sunset. The round moissanite center stone is held by two leaves on either shoulder of the band, with moissanite accents dotted throughout. Turn the ring on its side and we see the love story unfold: yellow sapphires, Mozambique garnets, and amethysts recreate the colorful sunset over a tiny palm tree and Joshua tree etched in the band’s profile.


We love the clever way the rose gold bands of this bridal set are textured to look like tree branches. This engagement ring is so deeply nature-inspired that even the custom prongs holding the lab-created champagne sapphire center stone mimic root systems. A canopy of lab created diamond accents puts the perfect finishing touch on this beauty.


Our final tree-loving bride knew exactly what she wanted, bringing her own sketch and inspiration images. We were able to bring her vision to life, creating a stunning branch-like yellow gold band with a white opal center stone and diamond and opal accents growing out of it. We love the added personalization of a honey bee engraved inside the band — a secret for the nature-loving couple.

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